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Strachan Snooker Cloth For Sale - Strachan 6811 Tournament Cloth -  Strachan Number 10 Snooker Cloth - Strachan New Club Snooker and Pool Cloths

Strachan West of England "No. 10" Snooker Cloth. The ultimate when buying a professional snooker cloth. The official and exclusive cloth of World Snooker. Used at all ranking events worldwide since 1980. Simply the best playing surface available. If you want the very best there is, then look no further.

The world famous Strachan cloth has been produced since 1890 in the the West of England. The name Strachan is synonymous with the finest playing surface available for any cuesports including snooker, billiards and pool. The Worlds Finest Cuesports Playing Surface from Strachan is still the leading global brand and still outplays, performs and out sells any other cloth on the circuit, which is why it is used by the worlds largest governing bodies in all major cues ports including World Snooker. Players, manufacturers and clubs recommend this above any other brand. 

Tournaments all around the World Only use Strachan cloths on their championship and tournament tables. Strachan also produce cloths for varying grades suitable for clubs and social use which are also the UK's leading selling Snooker Billiard and Pool Cloths. The recommended choice of table fitters and ABC Snooker.

Strachan now produce the following cloths for snooker: Strachan Number 10, Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament 32 oz, Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament 30 oz, Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament 29 oz, Strachan 6811 Gold New Club 28oz.

Strachan Number 10 Cloth

Strachan "No. 10" Range


Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament Cloth

Strachan "6811 Gold Tournament

Strachan 6811 Gold New Club Cloth

Strachan 6811 Gold Club 28 oz


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Strachan Number 10 Anti-Kick Cloth Package (10ft table)

Base price for variant: £478.65
ABC Snooker Price: £478.65
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Strachan West of England Number 10 Anti- Kick Cloth Package