Strachan Anti-Kick Professional Snooker ClothStrachan Anti-Kick Professional Snooker Cloth

Strachan Number 10 Anti-Kick Cloth Professional Package (Bed & Cushions - 10ft table)

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Strachan West of England 'Number 10' Anti- Kick Cloth Package (10 ft tables)

The Strachan West of England 'Number 10' Anti- Kick Cloth Package for 10 ft tables consists of the new famous Anti-Kick Strachan 'Number 10' Bed Cloth and a set of Strachan 6811 'Tournament' cushion cloth. This is the same combination as used at Main Tour Professionals events governed by the WPBSA. 

  • Anti-Kick Strachan 'Number 10' Bed Cloth
  • Strachan '6811 Tournament' cushion cloth
  • The Professional Snooker Cloth with Anti-Kick™ Technology
  • The Official and Exclusive Cloth of World Snooker
  • Used at All Ranking Events Worldwide since 1980. The Ultimate Playing Surface

* It is the convention to use 'Number 10' on the cloth for the fastest most responsive playing surface and Strachan '6811 Tournament' on the cushions so they plays softer reduces ping or exaggerated cushions bounces.  Using 'Number 10' on the cushions is not strongly recommended as will wear very quickly and produces 'cushion pinging' where bounce becomes more unpredictable causing greater loss in cue ball control.

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