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Taom Chalk Multi-Pack
Taom Chalk Colour

Virtually Completely Removing Kicks from the game of snooker, pool, billiards and in fact all cue sports,Taom Chalk has taken the world by storm.

Made in Europe this chalk has s special compositions which stops kicks. The only sure thing to remove kicks from the game of snooker and pool and in fact all cue sports is of course Taom Chalk is the latest thing in Snooker, Virtually Completely Removing Kicks from the Game. The World Best Professionals recommend it and wont use anything else.

Taom chalk removes almost all kick contact and also makes hardly any marks on the cloth compared to conventional chalks on the market. The unique spherical design also mean that there are endless lines of symmetry so the chalk will not wear in any one or two shapes and so lasts much longer. This new innovation from Finland is like no other chalk you've ever seen.

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  • Save £3 on a Twin-Pack
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  • More spin than conventional chalks
  • leaves table virtually m,ark free
  • Leaves and and fingers virtually chalk free
  • Housed in Peradon's Unique Plastic Protection Pack

As Recommended by Former World Snooker Champion Shaun Murphy and many leading top professionals.

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