Blue Diamond Cue Tips (Box of 50)

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A full box of 50 Blue Diamond Cue Tips works out at just 75p per tip. Used by the World's leading players for decades, these tips are of the highest quality.

Blue Diamond Cue tips come in a wide range of sizes and are easily shaped giving you the feel and grip you need to impart the best grip and spin on the cue ball for extra control and positioning. The more modern approach to tipping is to use harder tips, the hardest being the likes of the Talisman Pro Tips which are very hard from the second they are put on. These tips are generally harder than Elkmasters and so ply in a lot faster meaning you spend less time beddign the tip in.

  • As used by the worlds leading snooker and pool professionals.
  • Ideal for snooker or Pool
  • Available in Quantities of 5, 10, 20 and boxes of 50
  • Available in differing sizes

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