i47 LED Electronic Snooker Scoreboard

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Great Discounts now available. The i47 LED Electronic Snooker Scoreboard is the very latest in Large LED modern digital scoreboard technology and has numerous functions including displaying overall match score as well as the individual points in the current frame.
This Digital Snooker Billiards Marking Scoreboard has a Professional Design and is easy to install. The large LED displays mean it is visible from much further away than conventional scoreboards making viewing for both players and spectators so much easier. Great Discounts available when buying multiple more than one.

  • Complete with UK Mains Plug
  • Great Slim Design: height 19.5cm - length 56cm - depth 4cm
  • Ultra-Bright 60mm LED Digital Display Digits red and green to match the corresponding function buttons on both the functions keys and the optional remote control
  • A 25 mm high yellow central display is excellent for displaying frames scores in a Snooker, Pool or Billiards match but can also be used for carambole if you want to show the number of innings, penalties etc.
  • Four optional varying keypad tones including silent.

The i47 LED Electronic Snooker Scoreboard has a large panel keyboard with large buttons with clearly defined writing making it easy to use and easy on the eye. Minimum life span of each button is five million touches.
In the event of a power failure any points total is held in the memory and will not be lost even without the use of batteries. Construction of the outer framework is from a light yet very robust plastic which is completely insulated with no need of a ground connection. It comes equipped with electrical cord and plug. Alternatively, the unit can be opened easily at the back for a possible direct connection. Wall mounting is quick and simple resulting in a solid fixture by using two front screws. Energy consumption is negligible: max 6VA at 230Vac (available 115Vac version).

Function Keys

ON/OFF: Powers the unit on and off.
START: Resets the score to zero to begin a game.
0 to 9: For entering the number of points scored; the addition will be carried out automatically three seconds after a number has been entered.
(C) and (-): for deleting the last entry and for subtracting points respectively.
MEMORY: Shows the points previously recorded (as a check).
MATCH COUNT: Records the number of frames in snooker or games won in any other sport.
2 or 6 PLAYERS: Allows the keeping of scores for 2 or 6 players. When set up for 6 players, one side shows the player's number and the other his respective score
CARAMB. AVERAGE: Used in carom billiards to show the average points-per-innings, i.e., the ratio between the points and the number of innings.
(1) and (C): For increasing and deleting the yellow central display.

Optional Extras:

  • The i47 Infra Red Remote Control Handset
  • Wired Remote Control Via 7m Cable to a Separate Keyboard
  • Stylish Deluxe Briar Finish

The i47 Infra Red Remote Control Handset - This innovative system allows more than one infrared remote control to be used in the same room without the need for setting any additional codes.

  • Range: 15m
  • Power supply: with a 9-Volt alkaline battery
  • Lifespan: about 140.000 operations !
  • Sturdy small aluminum box: 14,5 x 5,5 x 2,2cm
  • Membrane keyboard resistant to dirt and liquids

Wired Remote Control Via 7m Cable to a Separate Keyboard

  • Allows for remote control of the appliance by means of a separate keyboard attached to a 7m cable.
  • Very useful when the scoreboard is positioned high up or far away from the operator (e.g. on walls with limited free space, thin columns.

Stylish Deluxe Briar Finish

  • An optional and beautiful deluxe version with a briar outer display in place of the plain black in the standard versions.

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