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Snooker Pool and Billiard Cue and Case Accessories

ABC Snooker offer a wide range of snooker pool and billiard cue and case accessories. Look after your cue well and it will last for years. All cues at some point will need care and attention even if it's only when re-tipping your cue after you tip falls off or when it's time for a new one.

Our snooker and pool cue accessories also come with great discounts when bought with a cue. These will help with all aspects of repairing, care and maintenance of you cue.

If you've had an accident or require something more substantial or are in need of a major or professional repair job carrying out on your cue, snooker table of other product, then please contact us giving us full details and we will be happy to try and help.


Tweeten Triangle Chalk (144 cubes)

Price ex VAT £39.93
ABC Snooker Price + Vat £47.92
(Includes Free UK Delivery)
gross price

Tweeten Triangle chalk is used by many of the worlds top professionals including Ronnie O Sullivan - say no more.

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