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Raymond Cohen's Exquisite Handmade Snooker Cues For Sale - Buy Exquisite Cues Today - Cues Made for World Champions Like John Higgins - Limited Edition Exquisite Snooker Cues by Raymond Cohen of Scotland

If you are looking to buy Raymond Cohen Exquisite Handmade Snooker Cues then look no further. Raymond Cohen Exquisite Handmade Snooker Cues are the choice of Four times world snooker champion John Higgins, as well as former World Snooker Champion Graeme Dott, Anthony McGill, Michael Leslie and Fraser Patrick just to name a few of the current Main Tour Professional Snooker Players that use his very high-end Exquisite Hand Made Cues. All of our Raymond Cohen Cues are the genuine artical made by Raymond himself in Scotland.


Exquisite Cues are the finest Snooker Cues in the World and Only use the highest grade ash and other exotic woods. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that all Raymond Cohen Cues exhibit are a true testament to why World Snooker Champions and Main Tour Professionals only use his cues.

Every one of the Raymond Cohen Exquisite Cues are made to the highest tolerances and precision. The cues are finished to perfection and all ferrule size, weight and length are supplied for players to see when buying from this range.

ABC Snooker's range of Exquisite Snooker Cues are unique and every cue you see on the site is the actual cue you will buy. It is the identical cue you see in any photos that you are buying. 

Exquisite Cuesare quite simply the finest cues money can buy. The quality of the ash shafts is second to none and the quality and precision and, workmanship and attention to details that Raymond Cohen goes to makes it easy to see why Four times world snooker champion and many others use Raymond Cohen Cues.

Raymond Cohen also carries out numerous other cue related work including working on repairs and modification for the likes of Main Tour Snooker Professional Player Alan Mc Manus.

Exquisite Snooker Cues by Raymond Cohen

Here is what Four times World Professional Snooker Champion John Higgins has to say about his current cue from Exquisite Snooker Cues Hand Made Snooker Cues made by Raymond Cohen.


Exquisite Cues Now Available

Ready for immediate dispatch - every cue you see will be the actual one being sold and will contain detailed images as well as the full cue specification including ferrule size, weight, length etc.

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