Peradon Spacer Weight (3.0oz)

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The Peradon Spacer Weight 3.0 oz - Now With £14 OFF.Perfect for adding and additional 3.0 oz to the existing weight of your cue. The Peradon Spacer Weight will add 3.0 oz to the weight of your cue and is quick and easy to both add and also remove when you don't need. it. The joint also adds another 20mm in length.

  • Special Offer - Now With OVvr £14 OFF !
  • Fits Any Peradon Jointed Cue
  • Quick & Easy to add in a few Seconds
  • Adds 3.0 oz in Weight
  • Adds 20mm In Length

Please note the cue in this example is for demonstration purposes only.

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