Peradon Edwardian Centre-Jointed Snooker Cue

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The The Peradon Edwardian Centre-Jointed Snooker Cue. Great Discounts on Cue Cases, Extensions and Many other Peradon Accessories...
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The Peradon Edwardian Centre-Jointed Snooker Cue from ABC Snooker now with Great Discounts Available on cue cases, extensions and other accessories. The Peradon Edwardian Centre-Jointed Ash & Ebony Snooker Cue features a beautiful Genuine Ebony butt with the following as standard.

Peradon's Latest 2018 Version Cues - ABC Snooker Only Stock The Latest Versions -  Don't Buy an Older Version with Fewer Features

Also Below, The New, Even Wider, Peradon Halo PLUS Cues Cases for Holding Two or even Three Cues on some designs.

Peradon Cue Review

  • Great Discounts on Cue Cases, Extensions and Many other Peradon Accessories
  • Ash & Ebony shaft & butt
  • Solid Brass 'Quick-Action' Centre-Jointed
  • Peradon butt-end socket joint to accept any Peradon male extension
  • 58 inches in length
  • 9.5 - 10.0 mm ferrule
  • Professionally fitted ElkMaster Cue Tip

Made from the finest hand selected ash. Peradon cues undergo many weeks of preparation. The wood is first kiln dried to avoid warping before any other work begins. All woods are hand selected and they are finished to exacting standards to give you the 'feel' you need in a top quality cue.

Peradon are the oldest cuemakers in the world. Their cues have been used by the greatest players in the world. None more famous than the legendary Joe Davis. He also gave Peradon sole rights to use his name on their cues.

Peradon were also responsible for the introduction and manufacture of Hand-Spliced cues. 99% of the world's leading professionals and amateur players will only use a hand spliced cue.

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