LED 14k Professional Pool Table Lighting (Single Unit)

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Introducing the Latest LED Professional Pool Table Lighting. 

Supporting a large number of professionals and top amateur snooker and pool players, ABC Snooker have been researching LED Snooker Lighting for a number of years now. None have ever met the standard we set out though and previous LED efforts always lacked in either the brightness required, the purity and colour rendering of the light, or the cost implications and saving on current market systems. Now though, we have tested and approved the new ABC-LED Range which pass every test put in front of them. The new ABC LED Range have actually surpassed every test and out perform every other lighting system we use. 

  • Can be ceiling mounted or suspended 
  • Almost 70% Cheaper to Run than Standard Equivalents
  • Superior Colour quality  
  • 3 Years guarantee
  • 50,00 hours lifetime compared to other 10,000 models 
  • Dimensions : 1090mm x 425 mm x 60 mm 
  • No Flickering or Buzzing

Available in 100, 150 Watts and 200 Watts and producing 14100, 21300 and 28400 lumens (brightness) respectively the ABC LED Snooker Pool Lighting Range are simply in a different class. 

Normal snooker lighting can produce between 12000 lumens (brightness) and will usually use up around 330 Watts of electricity. The ABC LED snooker equivalent produces over 28,000. 

These are High Frequency and produce no flickering or buzzing like in inferior models and will also allow the use of a dimmable switch 1-10 Dimmable. 

The ABC LED Range of snooker lighting come with deluxe thin cables as standard and can usually be fitted in around 30-40 minutes by a trained qualified electrician.

Also available as a Twin and Triple set for snooker 

NB: Only ever use a trained and qualified electrician to fit any electrical devices. 


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