Snooker Scene FULL YEAR Back Issues - CDROM Version

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Snooker Scene FULL YEAR  Back Issues on CDROM

Snooker Scene is still considered by cuesports purists as the best magazine you can buy anywhere when it comes to coverage on snooker, billiards and pool. Released monthly, Snooker Scene is also available on annual subscription. You can even buy past versions by simply choosing the date and year you require. Multiple copies are also available. Snooker Scene has all the big stories and covers the very latest events from today’s main tour and leading amateur tournaments. It also looks back at historic iconic matches and events as well as detailing the origins of the game.

Snooker Scene reports all significant action on and off the table in the worlds of snooker and billiards, and has recently increased its coverage of international pool. Main Tour tournament coverage is still the main focus. The coverage is superb providing full match details, in depth analysis and interviews with the worlds top players and characters from the world of Snooker and other cuesports.

Snooker Scene are also not averse to going out on a limb and will even take the sometimes radical approach of taking on the governing bodies in the sport when they feel the game is not being served or represented as they feel it should.

It all makes for a great read, so get you copy now!

Subscriptions last for 12 months and start from any month you choose. Back issues on CD-Rom are also available or, where still available, in their original paper form.

Overseas customers can even buy a downloadable version delivered straight to your inbox, so there's something for everyone.

Snooker Scene's editor, Clive Everton, is the voice of snooker and stil the best snooker commentator in the world.

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