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Peradon Winchester Hand Spliced 3/4 Snooker Cue
Peradon Winchester Hand Spliced 3/4 Snooker Cue
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The The Peradon Winchester 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue. Great Discounts on Cue Cases, Extensions and Many other Peradon Accessories ...

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ABC Snooker PRICE: £362.59NOW: £362.59 - Total Price Including UK Delivery
Product Description

Only The Stiffest Shafts and very best ash grain are selected for the Peradon Winchester 3/4 Snooker Cue. Now Available with Huge Discounts on a Massive Range Cue Accessories.

The Peradon Winchester 3/4 Hand-Spliced Snooker Cue from ABC Snooker is now available with Huge Discounts on a Massive Range of Cue Cases, Extensions & Accessories. The Peradon Winchester has a large marquetry front splice of Maple and Sapele is then hand spliced to the Ebony butt. In order to reduce stress to the timbers the cue is then shaped over a period of time until the final tapered shape is achieved, after which the numerous sanding and finishing processes are then undertaken to achieve a 'silk smooth' finish.

Peradon's Latest 2018 Version Cues - ABC Snooker Only Stock The Latest Versions -  Don't Buy an Older Version with Fewer Features

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Peradon Cue Review

  • Great Discounts on Cue Cases, Extensions and Many other Peradon Accessories
  • Extensively selected kiln dried North American Ash*
  • Only the Stiffest Shafts & Premium Hand Selected Ash Grain Used
  • Hand Spliced Ebony Butt
  • Huge Discounts on a Massive Range of Cue Cases, Extensions & Accessories
  • State-Of-The-Art Large Marquetry Front Splice of Maple & Sapele Butt Decoration
  • Complete With Pre-Fitted Female Butt-End Screw Socket
  • Medium Weight Range - 18.0 oz - 18.5 oz
  • Heavy Weight Range - 18.5 oz - 21.0 oz
  • Cue Length - 58” (147.5cm) Full Size
  • Shaft Length - 42” (107cm)
  • Butt Length - 16” (40.5cm) - plus 1” (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
  • Tip  9 ½ to 10mm & Professionally Pre-Fitted With an Elkmaster Tip
  • Joint  Solid brass, 'Quick Action'  16” from butt end
  • Accepts Any Peradon Quick-Action Butt-End Cue Extension

This full size, 58 inch, ¾ jointed cue is crafted by Peradon in England from the highest grade, kiln dried, North American Ash and exotic Ebony.

Only the very Best Premium quality ash is used in the shafts. For this reason and because of the high demand for these cues they are made to order.

Please check the availability of this cue before ordering. These cues are also made to order or pre-order and will depend on current premium stock levels at the time of ordering. We would recommend you ring for more more details at the time. Typically the waiting time is 2-3 months.

Only the very highest grade premium ash shafts are selected for Peradon's top-of-the-range snooker cue. The premium ash is carefully selected is for strength and straightness before the finest, genuine Ebony butt timber is spliced to the cue by hand and the cue is shaped to produce the distinctive four round point pattern of a hand spliced cue.

To eliminate joint problems the two sections of the 'quick action' joint are each precision turned from a single piece of solid brass and precisely fitted 16” from the butt end to give the shaft length of 42”. The butt is finished with a Peradon Winchester name disc and 'quick action' butt end joint to accept the optional extensions on the 'related products' section of this page. Extensions may be fitted into either the ¾ joint in the cue or into the butt end joint.

This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 9 ½ to 10mm Elkmaster tip.

* The quality of the ash shaft is of the utmost importance when crafting a cue. Shafts are extensively selected with only a small percentage of the pieces processed making the grade for production of these cues. In order to maintain the highest standards of selection Peradon purchase more ash than any other English cue makers. For the highest quality hand spliced cues such as this the selection process is even more rigorous.

All sizes are nominal.


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Peradon Winchester Hand Spliced 3/4 Snooker Cue

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