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ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting (2 x 6ft)
ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting (2 x 6ft)

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Get a Huge £60 Off Our Best Selling ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting. Bring Professional Lighting Conditions to Your Snooker Table Today

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WAS:WAS: £394.29 ABC Snooker PRICE: £334.29NOW: £334.29 - Total Price Including UK Delivery

Product Description

Get a Huge £60 Off Our ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting (2 x 6 ft ). Designed for those clubs and players who want to Experience Ultimate in Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting playing conditions using modern Low Energy Grade A Efficient set up. The 2 x 6 ft units are easy to install and use very long life Grade A Low Energy tubes.

Our ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting is light-weight and produces ultra bright light allowing a consistent and even illumination across the surface of the table. This hugely reduces ball shadowing produced by conventional light shades and billiard table lights.

  • Still Our Our Best Seller -  NOW WITH £60 Off !
  • Easy to install - usually around 30-45 minutes per full sized table
  • Deluxe High Frequency Version - No Starter Motors, No Flickering, No Buzzing
  • 100% Full Length for minimal ball shadowing at extreme ends compared to standard 10 ft models
  • Over 20% Greater Light Output compared to standard 10ft models
  • ABC 3600 Pro Lighting Measurements : 2 x (1825 x 290 x 100 mm)
  • Grade A Efficiency System
  • As used by Main Tour Professional Players, PTC Players & Many Snooker Venues & UK Clubs
  • Elongated Ball Shadow Eliminated From Balls at Extreme Ends of Table.
  • Easy to Assemble & Complete with all Drop Chains Screws, Bolts.
  • Optional Modern Deluxe Hanging Cables Available.
  • Optional Ultra Bright Tubes for True Colour Correction Available (Approx 10,000 hrs life)

Our High Frequency Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lights will give your snooker table an Ultra Bright Output. Experience the Ultimate in Modern Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting. Replace your old snooker lighting shades with our Modern Snooker Billiard Table Lighting and give a real Professional Look to your Snooker Tables, not to mention the hugely increased levels of Brightness and Energy Performance.

  • Need More Than One Set ? - RING 0147 4777 147 For Special Discounts

Our Modern Snooker Lighting is like no other. These contemporary Tournament Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lights are amongst the best on the market. Our ABC-3600 professional snooker table lighting offers the highest quality lighting conditions and produces stunning conditions visually. Bring Professional Lighting Conditions to your Snooker Table today. The clubs and players who have had this installed are simply amazed at the brightness and quality it displays. There are no starters on these lights and they are silent and produce no buzzing like on many bog standard systems.

Please find below some information you may find useful.

ABC Snooker Lighting Systems.

Our ABC-3600 Deluxe Model comprises of 2 x (6 ft x 1 ft x 4 inch) units unlike other systems where only 2 x 4 foot or 2 x 5 foot units are used. The deluxe model also uses High Frequency system unlike other systems that are bog standard starter older style motor systems as you would see in office lighting which also are inferior and produce light flicker and buzzing. Our systems use grade A energy efficient tubes with the highest luminance of this type of lighting system on the market.

All accompanying drop chains are supplied for use for hanging from your ceiling. These units can also be fitted directly to a ceiling if you wish. Deluxe drop cables are also available for those wishing to use a more sleek looking design for the likes of home use etc.

All parts required for fitting include drop chains and nuts and bolts etc. As you will see in the image on the site there is another table only a few feet away yet the light cone is only directed down and evenly where it is needed. The result using normal drop chains supplied is 2 x 6 ft units joined together via the nuts and bolts supplied which will hang from four sets of drop chains, two at each end of the two units. If you wish to use existing cables from an existing set of older style canopy lighting this is also fine as no specialist cabling is required for these units. We do not supply tubes as standard but these are available as an optional extra.

If you only wish to use two sets of drop chains (one at each end of the 12 foot section after adjoining the two units together) then we suggest you reinforce the central section with the provided wooden batons which are easy to affix as there are many predrilled holes in the tops of the units for such additional fittings.

When using two units end to end over full sized or 10 ft tables you (or your electrician or fitter) will need to drill two small holes about 4-5 inches part in whichever end caps you decide are to be placed end to end. The accompanying buts and bolts are then used to screw through the holes so that the units are held firmly together. We do not pre drill these holes as some customers buy the units to be used in separate single systems that don't need any holes drilling.

The mirror baffles that are used in the lighting is adjustable and flexible in case you need to alter the height required, though obviously lowering the unit will eventually cause the light cone to miss the edges of the table, whilst raising it higher will spread it out and result in a dimmer light being produced.

Please note we recommend you only use a trained qualified experienced electrician to install any electrical device.



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ABC-3600 Professional Snooker Pool Billiard Table Lighting (2 x 6ft)

WAS:WAS: £394.29 ABC Snooker PRICE: £334.29NOW: £334.29 - Total Price Including UK Delivery

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