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ABC Snooker are proud to announce the introduction of a new range of Britannia Snooker Cues. Britannia Snooker Cues are one of the fastest growing snooker cue brands in the UK. Their popularity comes from their cues being made to the very highest standards and precision made using only the finest grades of ash along with a wide variety of exotic timber woods for the butt ends.

Britannia Cues are made in China. The woods come from huge ranges meaning there is no problems in finding high quality grades of ash with straight rigid grain meaning the cue will have all of the ingredients for "playing" superbly offering the truest striking and balls response.

Many years ago overseas cues were a red flag if you wanted a truly high class cue in both terms of the quality of materials and more importantly the actual engineering and workmanship that went into the long process of putting them together to make a really great playing cue. Now though, this has all changed and the standard of workmanship is second to none. Also, due to the huge amount of ash that can now be sourced from the far east there is relevant ease in being able to offer and find very high grade ash with all of the traditional characteristics that snooker purists look for when buying a high quality professional cue.

ABC Snooker have a reputation for only selling the best cues and our recent research has now allowed us to offer you this new superb range. We are confident you will be delighted with the results.

Britannia Polaris Steel 1pc Snooker Cue
Britannia Polaris Steel 1pc Snooker Cue
The Britannia Polaris Steel 1pc Snooker Cue is rare and stunning mix of exotic woods comprises of 16 hand splices with 4 hand slices of cross cut zebreano, then 4 more hand splices of striped Canadian maple and finally another 4 hand splices of Laos Butte
ABC Snooker PRICE: £239.35NOW: £239.35 - Total Price Including UK Delivery

Last Updated: Monday, 26 February 2018 03:41

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